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Acting is an art form. It’s a science and a business, too. It’s about the chemistry between actors, Casting Directors and the audiences they entertain.


HectiQ Artists is a new actor-centric talent agency seeking to work with and support the most talented artists across Canada. Whether through Film, Television, Commercials or Performance-Capture, we are committed to offering our talent the highest level of industry career management and representation.


We aspire to become the most remarkable talent management agency in North America by 2026.


Christopher Ian Bennett is the Founder & CEO of HectiQ Artists. A graduate of the Lester B. Pearson School for the Performing Arts in Ontario, Christopher took his first steps into the entertainment industry at just 13 years old. 


As a corporate business leader and Award-Winning Marketing Executive across his career, he has worked with some of North America’s top brands, including Best Buy, Guitar Center, TED and T-Mobile. In 2015, Bennett became one of the youngest Executive Creative Directors in the Fortune 500 as he helped build and lead YellowFan Studios for Sprint / T-Mobile prior to their historic merger.  

From there he went on to become the Executive Producer & Head of Marketing at the award-winning Vancouver Film School until 2020 when he accepted the role of President & Chief Marketing Officer for global brand Casting Workbook. After two and a half years of working closely with the top Casting Directors and industry influencers, he decided to bring his longtime business dream to life and launched HectiQ Artists Talent Management with an eye to representing the most remarkable talent across Canada & the US.


[Fully Authorized & Accredited Agency

Licence number: BA-2022-058219]

Denisa Annusova

Agent, Commercial & Print

Meet HectiQ’s newest agent , Denisa Annusova. Originally from Slovakia, Denisa began her career in management in 2019 previously working for one of the top modeling and talent management agencies in Toronto. From 2019 to 2022, Denisa excelled as a dedicated talent scout and accomplished career manager, working across the modeling, print, and TV Commercial divisions. She expertly consulted, advised, and showcased her clients' unique abilities, playing an instrumental role in their career achievements. Denisa's academic journey was equally impressive, having earned a Business & Marketing MBA from Collegium Humanum at Warsaw University. Subsequently, she went on to obtain her International Relations & Diplomacy Master's Degree from the University of International & Public Relations in Prague. In her current role at HectiQ, Denisa serves as the overseer of all emerging talent within our wildly successful TV Commercial and Print Division.

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Kate Bennett

Agent, Co-Owner

As one the agency’s Co-founders, Kate has worked hard to build relationships across the industry in both Canada and The US. Working closely with every client as both an official agent and also a dedicated talent Manager, she works passionately to advise and provide essential career counsel to HectiQ artists’ across the Film, Television and Commercial divisions.

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